700th PV Installation

7th April 2015

700th PV Installation

FES Renewables completed the 700th Solar Panel Installation for Stirling Council last week at Mayfield Court. The Installation is part of an on-going investment in renewable technologies aimed at reducing fuel poverty, improving energy efficiency ratings and reducing the Council’s overall carbon footprint.

FES Renewables is now working with Stirling Council on a £4.2 million contract to carry out Solar Installation and Maintenance works on the next 700 properties.

Council Leader Johanna Boyd said: “With electricity costs forming such a high proportion of household budgets, especially for those tenants with electric heating, it is important that as a landlord we do all we can to reduce energy costs through a range of measures and I’m delighted to witness this latest solar panel installation.”

Overall the 700 installations will generate an estimated two million units of electricity each year, enough to meet the average annual electricity needs of 500 homes.

Use of the panels is also expected to result in an estimated annual saving of just under £300 for each household when it comes to electricity bills.

FES Renewables offer a service and technologies tailored to suit our clients’ needs. FES has made a firm commitment to the growing market and demand for renewable energy and low carbon technology solutions and has been successful in gaining and maintaining MCS accreditation for solar photovoltaic and solar thermal systems.

FES Renewables provides assistance for any project from the outset including planning, selection and costs analysis/benefit when considering renewable and energy saving technologies such as;
• Solar Thermal
• Solar PV
• Biomass
• Ground Source Heat Pumps
• Air Source Heat Pumps
• LED lighting upgrades
• Variable Speed Drives (VSDs)
• District Energy Systems

If you require any further information please contact the Renewables Department on 01786 819600.