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Building Services

Aberdeen Exhibition & Conference Centre

  • Client:
    Aberdeen City Council
  • Value:
  • Duration:
    24 Months
  • Completion:
  • Management Contractor:
    Robertson Construction
  • Consulting Engineer:

The new AECC arena will have a maximum capacity of 12,500, and in conjunction with the conference halls and subterranean multipurpose space, will provide an exhibition space far greater than the current AECC. This will allow it to compete nationally and internationally for new events, as well as by broadening the appeal of the north east to a global audience.

The new £333million Aberdeen Exhibition and Conference Centre (AECC) will have the largest fuel cell installation in the UK and on a par  with the largest in Europe.

The Energy Centre will house 3 x  460kW Purecell® units to provide an independent source of reliable, affordable, low-emission heat and power for the 150-acre site.


FES Ltd are providing full Mechanical & Electrical Services including the following;


HV Distribution

Full Energy Centre Solution including Hydrogen Fuel Cell

LV Distribution

Spine Distribution

Lighting & controls

Standby services

Fire alarm / PAVA


ICT & Associated packages

Mechanical Ventilation plant

Ductwork installation

Hydraulic systems / Pipework


BMS / Controls


Validation / Verification / Commissioning