Active Air Conditioning


Award-winning Active, part of the FES Group of companies, was founded in 1999 and is now established as one of the few leading experts in the application of energy efficient air-conditioning and ventilation solutions for both domestic and commercial projects in the North East of Scotland.

Active are fully accredited the industry standards including MCS, CHAS and HVCA. Active was awarded a commendation in the Scottish heats of the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors (RICS) awards 2010, in the Sustainability category.

Quality assurance is one of the key foundations for our excellent reputation and we are proud to maintain our high standards of both quality and customer service at all times.

Active provide the following specialist services:


Active provides ventilation services involving sheet metal fabrication to commercial and industrial companies. In particular we manufacture and install ventilation ductwork for the building services sector throughout Scotland.

We have successfully designed and installed ventilation solutions for a wide range of industry sectors including oil and gas, hospitals, leisure and hospitality industries plus major retail and office developments.

No matter how large or small your project, we can provide an approach that will ensure the quality of ventilation meets our exacting standards.

Air conditioning

Active has a wealth of expertise with a proven track record of installing high quality air conditioning systems in the North of Scotland since 1999. With the rise in demand for energy efficient systems, we can advise, plan and design the most suitable air conditioning systems using technologies that offer heating and cooling at low cost and with low carbon emissions.

Active offer an extensive range of products and expertise in all areas of air conditioning, from portable freestanding units to fixed bespoke systems we have the experience and knowledge to provide the solution regardless of the complexity of the building and scale of project.

Fixed units

Air conditioning can allow you to create a comfortable working environment, with the right temperature and a comfortable level of humidity. Modern air conditioning provides clean fresh air and prevents mould from forming. The ideal modern system must be energy efficient, easy to install, flexible and incorporate user friendly controls. We can design and install solutions for both single and multi-room applications to suit the building’s complexity.

Fixed air conditioning units are available in a range of configurations, the most common systems are either wall-mounted, ceiling suspended or floor standing. There is also a variety of remote control options such as fingertip, pre-scheduled timers, telephone and internet. We can tailor the system layout and controls to match your building requirements.

Portable units

Active can provide an instant, temporary solution when required for cooling indoor areas.

Portable units can be hired on a weekly basis to offer you maximum flexibility. The units we provide are sleek and compact in design, easy to control and are quiet when in operation. Our engineers will deliver and install the units at minimum disruption to your premises.