Mechanical & Electrical Installation

Mechanical & Electrical Installation


Electrical Engineering

FES has over 50 years of experience in every element of electrical contracting and can meet the most demanding of projects. The FES team work hand in hand with clients, listening to their needs and requirements and bringing new ideas and innovation to projects, in order to maintain the division's proven record of consistent quality and delivery within agreed cost plans.

Services include:

  • Electrical Contracting
  • Electrical Maintenance
  • Design
  • Surveying and Inspection
  • Testing
  • Project Management


FES has the skills, products and experience to provide the highest level of service, design and installation across all aspects of mechanical installation services.

We provide an unmatched range of technical competencies for all aspects of the industry and ensure the FES team is available throughout implementation to achieve satisfactory realisation of the project, on time and to budget.

Services include:

  • Heating distribution systems
  • Cooling and process distribution systems.
  • Air treatment and distribution systems.
  • Close control air conditioning.
  • Plumbing and public health systems.
  • Gas distribution systems.
  • Substantial off-site fabrication capabilities.
  • Sprinklers and fire protection

As projects increase in complexity and constraints become tighter, the need to provide best value through technology has never been more challenging. FES sets a new standard for the integration of services and information, ultimately achieving a seamless approach to the delivery of every project we undertake.


Our fire protection services include:

  • The design and installation of sprinklers from residential type through to commercial high hazard; FES Mechanical is a fully approved LPCB/LPS 1048 sprinkler contractor
  • Installation of specialist water mist systems, capable of extinguishing fires in specialist compartments
  • Supply and installation of Dry Riser and Wet Riser Systems in accordance with BS 9990:2006 code of practice
  • Aftercare including statutory testing, maintenance and a 24hour call-out service

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Prefabrication and off-site manufacturing

Our off-site prefabrication service offers an efficient and cost-effective alternative to on-site production and assembly, from a wholly owned factory in Stirling, including:

  • The build of complex plant rooms, on skids and pre-clad or fully fitted stand-alone units
  • Pre-assembled M&E service modules and risers to suit every project needs
  • A wide range of temporary containerised heating and/or cooling plant rooms for purchase or hire

Our modern pre-fabrication production facility is staffed by our highly skilled engineers and digital engineering specialists who carry out a full product design and technical review which is at the heart of our ability to manufacture solutions that are assembled in a dedicated, controlled environment, and then fully tested to ensure client satisfaction each and every time.