Stirling Council PV & Battery Storage

Stirling Council PV & Battery Storage

Since 2012 Stirling Council and FES Energy have collaborated to install solar panels on residential properties across Stirlingshire to help reduce fuel poverty and carbon emissions.

Overall, 10.7MWp has been installed across 3,600+ installations to date which have an anticipated solar generation of 7.8MWh/a each year, enough to meet the average annual electricity needs of 2000 homes. Over 50% of Stirling Council’s housing stock in the Stirlingshire area now have an installed solar array thanks to the initiative, the highest proportion of solar installs to residential properties in Scotland and 2nd highest proportion within the UK.

Stirling Council has invested over £18M to date on solar PV to its housing stock. This investment will be complemented by further investment in battery storage technology, with almost 300 Tesla Powerwall’s currently installed or to be installed in the next 12 months. 

The project won Residential Solar and/or Storage Project of the Year at the Solar Storage Live Awards 2019 and has reduced CO₂ emissions by over 3 tonnes.

The solar PV systems are expected to result in an estimated annual saving of just under £300 for each household when it comes to electricity bills, with additional potential savings for properties with battery storage technology.


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