Our History

1963 - 1973

1963 - FES was established in by Duncan S Fletcher as a residential electrical company trading as Forth Electrical Services.


FES quickly established a solid reputation for being highly efficient and delivering a quality product on time and in a profitable manner.


1964 - FES employed their first apprentices.


1971 - Oban Electrical Services (OES) is established, delivering services within the local Argyll and Bute region.

1973 - 1983

1976 - FES Turnover breaks £1m barrier.


1977 - FES sponsor Cambusbarron Rovers Football Club - the UK’s longest running sporting sponsorship.  


1983 - FES were awarded their first contract as Principal Contractor delivering The City of Glasgow’s largest refurbishment contract, encompassing 1500 Houses delivered successfully in 30 Weeks.

1983 - 1993

1987 - FES were awarded their first £1m project for BOC Transhield, in Cumbernauld.


1988 - Claud Hamilton Electrical Services (CHES) is established delivering local services to the Aberdeen region.


1988 - FES celebrates 25 years in business.


1989 - FES received their first order over £1m by Scottish Widows In Dalkeith.


1989 - FES were awarded the first new football stadium project in the UK for St Johnston Football Club in Perth. 


1990 - FES's turnover exceeded £10m.




1993 - 2003

1993 - FES were awarded the Hampden Park Phase 1 Project.


1994 - FES were awarded two £1m projects, the ICMB Kings Building in Edinburgh and the Royal Mail APC & RTW in Edinburgh.
1995 - FES carries out the Celtic Park refurbishment.  
1995 - FES Communications Division was established. 
1996 - FES Facilities Management Division was formed and FES relocates to its existing HQ premises in Stirling.
1997 - FES Mechanical Division launched.
1998 - FES FM Helpdesk was created as the Facilities Management division expands.
1999 - FES Utilities Division Launched.
1999 - FES turnover breaks £25m barrier.
2001 - FES awarded prestigious Scottish Parliament project.


2001 - FES turnover breaks £50m barrier.
2002 - FES FM awarded its first 25 year PPP contract.
2002 - FES complete first international project for Sun Micro in Montbonnot France.
2003 - FES expands with the opening of the Leeds, Romford and Edinburgh Offices.

2003 - 2013

2004 - Unification of workforce under single agreement SJIB.
2005 - FES Communications Division is awarded the coveted "Data Installer of the Year" award.


2005 - FES turnover breaks £75m barrier.
2006 - FES first central London Office opens in King William Street.
2006 - FES turnover breaks £100m barrier.
2008 - FES 10,000 Sq ft Prefabrication Facility opens in Stirling.
2009 - FES Support Services Division launched.
2010 - FES open new office in Glasgow.    


2011 - FES Opens new office in Stornoway.
2011 - FES Training Academy established as the companies 1200th apprentice is employed.
2011 - FES are awarded a position in in Europe's Top 500 Growth Companies.
2011 - FES turnover breaks £150m barrier.
2012 - New Aberdeen office opens to accommodate FES, CHES and Active Air Conditioning.
2012 - FES's expansion in England continues with the opening of the Leeds, Portsmouth and Ascot Offices.
2013 - FES Celebrates 50 years in business.
2013 - FES awarded it's largest ever contract of £100m for the new City of Glasgow College.   

2013 to date

2014 - FES enhances off-site capabilities by opening a new Digital Engineering/Fabrication centre in Stirling with 20,000 sq ft production space.
2014 - FES wins BIFM Award for "Leaning and Career Development" Category.
2014 - FES win PFM Award for "Partners in Retail Services" Category for our partnership with Kingsgate Shopping Centre.
2015 - FES turnover breaks £200m barrier.
2015 - FES win PFM "Partners in Expert Services - Property Management" Category Award for our partnership with Hebridean Housing Partnership.
2015 - FES win Scottish Business Awards prestigious "Employer of the Year" Category Award.


2016 - FES Energy Division is launched
2016 - FES expands in Manchester with new Hyde Office
2016 - FES expands in London with new Woolwich office
2017 - FES expands in London with new Bishopsgate office


2019 - FES awarded prestigious Residential Solar & Storage Award at the Solar & Storage Awards in Birmingham