Premium Partner Status

February 28, 2024

We’re delighted to share that FES Group have been awarded Premium Partner status with Tesla Powerwall. This decision is testimony to our commitment to outstanding performance and partnership working approach.

Premium Partner status is a careful decision by Tesla, weighing up lots of factors, including the quality of installations, training and customer service, so it demonstrates our ongoing commitment to providing ‘best in class’ service. Requirements are set to ensure that Premium Partners adhere to Tesla’s high standards of excellence.

Providing Best Value to our Customers

FES Group is committed to providing best value and cutting-edge technology to our customers looking for renewable energy solutions. With Premium Partner status, our customers can be reassured that they are receiving top-quality products and services. The close working relationship between FES Group and Tesla helps to continuously improve installation performance and  costs through improved efficiency, reduced maintenance costs down the line and lower electricity bills.

About Tesla Powerwall

Tesla Powerwall is a battery that stores electricity, detects grid outages and automatically becomes your home’s electricity source when the grid goes down. The Tesla Powerwall offers round-the-clock clean electricity for your home or business and the ability to sell electricity back to the grid at peak prices.

Ian Mailer, Divisional Manager for FES Energy, commented:

“We’re proud to have been recognised as a Premium Partner for Tesla Powerwall. It is a game-changing product for clean energy for your home or business which comes with a 10-year manufacturers guarantee.  On top of this, customers have the added reassurance that comes from FES being a Premium Partner, knowing that we are working closely with Tesla to ensure they get the best products and service for their needs, maximising energy efficiency and ensuring adherence to Tesla’s standards of excellence.”

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