FES Net Zero Heroes

November 2, 2021

FES is looking towards a carbon neutral environment and a cleaner planet.  We’ve joined up with Forth Valley Net Zero Heroes to highlight initiatives taking place throughout central Scotland to tackle climate change and meet net zero targets.

Transport is a major contributor to Scotland’s CO2 emissions. Electrifying the road network means that we can move away from cars that are powered by fossil fuels and switch to electric vehicles.  We were delighted to work with Stirling Council and Falkirk Council to deliver the first two solar powered electrical vehicle charging hubs as part of the Electric A9 project. 

The electric vehicle charging hubs were installed at Falkirk Stadium and at Castleview Park and Ride in Stirling. Energy for the chargers is provided by a Solar PV system, battery storage and a dedicated back-up supply from the National Grid. Falkirk now has a total of 144 vehicle parking bays with solar panel canopies and the Stirling project has 128 bays. The sites comprise a mix of rapid, fast, and slow chargers to cater for all needs.  The hubs generate enough power to charge 9000 Tesla Model 3’s or Nissan Leafs a year.

With sustainability is at the heart of our culture, we have also expanded our own electric vehicle fleet and installed a bank of EV charge points at our HQ in Stirling.  In partnership with One Carbon World, we have achieved carbon neutrality at Enterprise level and completely compensated all our carbon footprint measured for 2019 – 2020.  We intend to conduct a carbon footprint audit each year to help track progress towards carbon neutrality and net zero by 2045.

Forth Valley for Net Zero is a partnership of businesses, local councils, and third-sector organisations whose aim is to highlight the amazing things happening in our area to help achieve Net Zero and the actions we can all take to reduce our carbon footprint.  Read more here

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